Custom motorized blinds and shades are a specialty of ours; here's a quick summary of why you would consider buying from us:


Experienced Staff:

over 50 years in the electronics business makes our technicians and designers highly qualified to answer any support questions you might have before, during and after your purchase.


Intense Product Evaluation:

All motors and associated electronics meet our high standard of specifications. We do not tolerate sub-standard items, and most of our products are manufactured to our own design specifications.


Full In-House Quality Control:

All blind, skylight and window opener motors and associated electronics are individually tested when they arrive in North America, BEFORE they are shipped to you. We do not rely on you to do our quality control, unlike many other vendors.


Fast Replacement Warranty:

If you have a failure you do not have to wait for a product to be returned to us. Send us the return mail receipt and we will expedite an immediate replacement unit.


3D Printer Innovations:

Active in the 3D CAD industry since 1990, our 3D printers are often busy, pushing out our latest product design. If you need a special part, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Small Family Business - And Proud Of It:

As a family run business, we do not subscribe to the current online take-over by large corporations. Your purchase with us is affordable because we do not pay a substantial mark-up to a facilitator. Your transactions are completely private - we do not share or sell ANY purchase data with ANY marketing company.


What our customers are saying:

♦ "Doing the blind myself with your motor ... cost me $240.00 ... I saved $600" - DH, Edmonton, Alberta

♦ "Thank you for an impeccable service! Wish everyone would work like you!" - JC, Miami, Florida

♦ "Great product, exceptionally quick delivery" - PV, New South Wales

♦ "Great seller, fast communication and shipping, highly recommend, thank you" - RS, Verdun, Quebec

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We sincerely hope you enjoy using our advanced motor products; if you are interested, please use the contact form in the main menu header to contact us at any time.