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Adrian Biffen - Technology ManagerRollerTrol™ Automation Systems - Company History
by Adrian Biffen, Senior Partner

As many of you know, we have operated an efficient, family run business on the Internet for over 25 years (started back in the Netscape 1.0 browser days).

Many of you also know that customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, and we run our business by the Golden Rule. That is to say, we treat our customers with the same service that we would like for ourselves. You'll get a fast, comprehensive response, and you won't get a different sales rep every time you contact us.

You won't see any stock pictures of receptionists with headsets on this site either - just real people (us) with real lives.

You won't be cornered into a proprietary remote control system - we strive to make our remote control systems as universal as possible, with open integration for phones, tablets, infrared remotes, etc. and support for a wide range of home automation systems.

You won't have to explain things twice - we communicate by email and use a powerful in-house database system we have developed that immediately displays the previous conversation we've had with you, so you won't have to repeat yourself.


With over 50 years of experience with motors, microprocessors, software and controls, I set out a few years ago with our RollerTrol™ website to de-mystify the mystique surrounding motorized blinds and shades.

It seemed to me that some folks wanted a DIY shade and blind solution that wouldn't require a second mortgage, and once you realize that it's really just a tube with some fabric wrapped around it, the process of making these gets much easier. Sliding a motor into the tube is no great leap of technology either.

So I designed and developed some of the required electronics, built the RollerTrol.com website, and started selling our safe, low voltage motors and accessories. Since then, we have enjoyed a rapid annual growth rate, thanks to our many customers worldwide.

We service our North American customers with custom shades from facilities in New York, Chicago, New Jersey and Vancouver (Canada). We have enjoyed a considerable success over the years, with many amazing testimonials from our customers.

But many people have told me the RollerTrol™ website is filled with too much geek, far too complicated for some that are not inclined to the geek, and I think this is a perfectly valid criticism. Others complain that there is not nearly enough geek, and trying to deliver a service that appeals to all has proved to be quite difficult.


To that end, we have introduced this new website to help those of you that want a simpler, more visual offering, with the same affordable pricing. We also decided to carry a high quality line of shade and blind fabrics, and without a doubt the Mermet® product lines are outstanding.

So if your idea of DIY is to pick your fabric from an amazing array of colors and weaves, slide a motor into a pre-mounted shade tube and screw it to the wall, this site is for you.

If you're interested in later expanding your system, please see our article series about using Alexa for home automation with the BroadLink automation hub.

Please Note: Our blind motors and window openers are operated with wall mount and hand held controls, and our system is designed to allow automation to be added at any time. This means you can start with our simple remote controls and add the automation later, and take your time with it. Our remote controls will continue to function while you build your automation system and will also continue to function after the automation is activated.

I'll still be available over at the geekdom of RollerTrol™, but you'll find that our staff will be just as capable of answering your questions over here. Please feel free to contact us anytime when you need more information.

Sincerely, Adrian

Adrian Biffen
Senior Partner
RT Motorized Blinds & Shades