High Quality Fabrics for Motorized Blinds and Shades

Mermet roller blind and shade fabricsThe Mermet® and Rollease® fabrics are some of the very best available, with an amazing range of colors and weaves that provide elegant window treatments to suit any building environment. The Rollease fabrics are particularly good if you need blackout blinds, with a very wide range of color and weave selections.

Manufacturing shade and blind material since 1951, the Mermet® company produces some of the world's finest window treatment fabrics, with colors and weave patterns to complement any decor.

With manufacturing facilities in South Carolina, the full range of Mermet® fabrics is available for quick supply across the USA. Our fabrication shops can cut your custom sizes, mount them on a tube designed for motorized operation, add a hem bar, and ship them directly to your location.

The motors are assigned a channel on the remote with a simple button press, then they simply slide into the tube. The provided mounting brackets are fastened into your window frame header, then you can sit back in your easy chair and set the travel limits as precisely as you want.

We Manufacture Z-Wave Controllers: Add Automation At Any Time

You can later add automation of your blinds with a smart hub such as Hubitat, SmartThings, or Vera using voice control systems like Alexa and Google Home. Your hand-held and wall mount remote controls will continue to function. We also provide the BroadLink cloning unit that can control our motors and your TV!

Made For Roller Blind and Shade Applications

Ordinary fabrics may crease, sag and deteriorate in sunlight, especially when exposed directly to harsh UV rays filtering through brightly sunlight windows. Mermet® fabrics are specifically designed to counteract the conditions that can give ordinary fabrics a short life as window coverings.

The Mermet® fabrics roll up perfectly and fall straight and true, with no edge curl. Very long lasting due to special attention to UV resistance, they also function as excellent heat reflectors and room insulators.

You can use your own fabric and make a shade; we certainly support DIY approaches, our business was built on helping people do it themselves. However, it is important to know that not all fabrics roll properly like the Mermet fabrics do (they are specifically designed to roll up tight, yet fall perfectly straight).

Three Basic Types of Window Shade Fabric

Transparent Window Shade Fabric

The transparent weaves are our most popular fabrics. They allow varying degrees of "see-through" capability, or "openness". The specifications for each individual type are shown on each product page. The percentage of openness is usually listed in the the product title too (eg. 5%).

Translucent Window Shade Fabric

The translucent fabrics are designed to permit varying degrees of light, but objects (and people) behind the fabric are not discernable like the transparent materials.

Blackout Blind Fabric

Blackout blind and shade material is designed to seal out light completely. The Rollease® blackout fabrics fall straight with no edge curl, and provide a superior light seal when used with side guides. We have many satisfied customers that use these great blackout blind materials either to help them sleep, or to use in a home theater room.

An added bonus is that the white side of these fabrics makes a great projector screen.

For more information about the weave types, please visit our window shade fabric weave terminology article.