Simple and Flexible

shade motor remote controlOur standard multi-channel remotes are very simple to operate, and can be configured to work for just about any type of home situation. You can group motors onto a single channel, use the ALL channel to operate them all at once, or control just a single channel individually.

You can also clone remotes for multiple control locations, adding wireless wall mount switches that work in conjunction with hand held units. If you're concerned about vanishing remotes, just use our wireless wall mount switches.

Extend Your System

You can start with our simple multi-channel remotes and extend your system later with our ZWAVE interfaces that we manufacture. These work with any ZWAVE hub, such as Hubitat, SmartThings, Vera, Homeseer, etc.

For more information, please see our article about the different levels of blind and shade automation

Future Proofed

Even if you want just a simple remote for now, you can buy our products secure in the knowledge that you won't be stuck in some dead-end proprietary system that works only with a single manufacturer's protocols.

Our company policy is to make our control systems for shades and blinds as universal as possible, with the additional goal of helping you take control of all your other devices.

We have been designing and developing home automation software and hardware since the early 70's and we have a pretty good understanding of the challenges faced by folks trying to operate a multitude of different devices.

Solutions For Advanced Users

Some of you have already taken the leap into a full blown home automation system (x10, Crestron, Insteon, Elk, etc.), and we know you're not looking to have to deal with yet another protocol.

For those that need a simple interface to control blinds and shades with an existing system, we have developed a simple interface that allows control of our shade motors and window/skylight openers by any contact closure (i.e. relays).

You need 3 relays, one for UP, one for STOP and one for DOWN. If you're interested in this approach, please ask about this when you request a quote.

For more information, please see our article about the different levels of blind and shade automation